Porto Musical 2017, 18 a 21 de fevereiro

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  • Fotos dos Shows

Soon, we'll announce the schedule for presentation of showcase and conference proposals.

PORTO MUSICAL 2020 - Schedule

By the end of Porto Musical's seventh edition, which took place last week in Recife, potentially over BRL 860,000.00 worth of deals have been made. This figure that has been calculated by Sebrae in partnership with Up To Date also shows the level of satisfaction and the new possibilities opened up by the business round-tables that have been realised at the convention.

During two days 30 anchor companies have been meeting 116 representatives of other companies, the so-called floaters, to enable face-to-face talks and presentations of products and services of the music industry. Overall, there have been 499 encounters promoted by Porto Musical, which achieved a level of satisfaction of 94.10% of Excellent or Good in the participant survey. In terms of the possibility of future deals between anchors and floaters the percentage was 94.30%.

This edition of Porto Musical consolidated the business round-tables as one of the most important item of the programme, which also includes showcases, conferences and workshops. The fact that 100% of the interviewed persons affirmed to intend on participating in the event's next editions is the best proof of this.


Porto Musical began on 4 February with the introductory workshop "Music and Business" that has been joined by over 120 people at the Hermilo Borba Filho Theatre, including local producers and participants from all over Brazil and the world. On the same day, the Porto Exibe Fair was opened at the Malakoff Tower including stands of 25 exhibitors from the fashion, music, literature and catering areas.

More than 40 professionals from abroad have been invited to the conferences and round-tables, which happened at the Apolo Theatre and the Hermilo Borba Filho Theatre at an average attendance of 200 people per event. 21 showcases have been realised during the Porto Musical event, 3 in the afternoon at the Paço do Frevo museum and another 18 at night at the Arsenal da Marinha Square having an average audience of 2,000 people per show.

The event was presented by The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), sponsored by the Municipality of Recife, supported by SEBRAE, BM&A — Brasil Música e Artes, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, Brasil Music Exchange (BME), institutionally supported by Paço do Frevo, Porto Novo Recife and Skol Musica. Porto Musical was run by Fina Produção and Astronave Iniciativas Culturais in partnership with WOMEX (one of the world's biggest music conventions) and Porto Digital (a well-known social organisation that unites 100 companies in Bairro do Recife).
From the total number of registered participants, 75% of them are from outside the state of Pernambuco where Porto Musical took place. As a biennial event, Porto Musical will be back in the pre-carnival week of 2017 in Recife attracting even more professionals, artists and producers from all over the world.

Fina Produção e Astro Nave


  • "Porto Musical: a marvellous experience for everyone… This year I participated in Porto Musical in the wonderful city of Recife… Just being here in this city that is so multifaceted and iconic is a privilege, all the more, as carnival is just around the corner! I gave a very revealing lecture together with my friend Marcus Preto at the Apolo Theatre and I also could check the programme including a meeting with Emicida and the brilliant Evandro Fióti, really great! Brilliant! Compliments to the organisers on giving so many opportunities and a sincere thank-you to Rico at OQuadro, to our friend Amadeu Alves of As Ganhadeiras de Itapuá and to Gabriel Martini 'Frejat' for the valuable contributions on Coaxo do Sapo, a dream that is coming true more and more…
    Seeing this happen like the presentation of Bass Culture Clash from England and Coaxo do Sapo already being their partner and associate sounded like a dream to me.
    Thanks, Jody Gillet, Crispin Parry from British Underground and Monique Badaró representing 'International Affairs' at Secult BA not only for sowing for the future, but also for living the present.
    Also thanks to the guys of the group Jus Now, a very pleasant friendship that will last forever! Thank you so much, Porto Musical!"

    Guilherme Arantes, Singer - São Paulo/Brazil
  • "Just for the records of those who don't believe in encounters, fairs and music think tanks: I sealed some deals for shows of Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística, I purchased 10 shows for events of the DoSol Cultural Centre and yet I made a deal with a sponsor during Porto Musical. Sitting at home and waiting for something falling into your lap doesn't work. That’s a fact."

    Anderson Foca, Music Producer - Natal/Brazil
  • "I'm packing my bags and there's no room left. I have no room left for the willingness of being equal, connecting equally and even less for seeing the future equally. Porto Musical brought me new friends and new encounters, which demand new paths from me. A brave soul demands change and that has never been a problem to me. Living risky to accept yourself, living risky to risk something. My world, my goal, my life."

    Marta Carvalho, Music Producer - Brasilia/Brazil
  • "We were told that Porto Musical was a way to promote our music abroad and especially in Latin America. At the event, we have played for the first time in Brazil and that was very important for us. Apart of the professionals that were there, we were very curious about seeing the reaction of the Brazilian audience."

    Lucho Carrillo - Vocal, Cumbia All Stars - Peru
  • "Completing 10 years in 2015, the Porto Musical has become one of the main events to think about music in Brazil in three important areas: import, export and new technologies. This makes the Porto also a fertile ground for networking, meeting VIPs and, whatever you do in the music world, having more visibility for your work."

    Bruno Nogueira - Professor of Journalism at UFPE - Recife/Brazil
  • "Events like Porto Musical are essential to accelerate the growth of the Brazilian and the international music exports and to promote cultural exchange. The personal contact of international producers with local artists provided by such events is unique and invaluable. The opportunity to be immersed in the artists’ cultural context and the time that producers are on site allow the creation of strong and long-term relationships. In addition, there is a great exchange among producers often resulting in new ideas for festivals, partnerships and projects. Once I heard the phrase: 'Business is a result of human relations' (Mário Lúcio de Sousa, Minister of Culture of Cape Verde). There is no better definition for the power of these events."

    Paula Abreu - City Parks Foundation - NY/USA
  • "It’s an incredible experience to participate in this Porto Musical. We made many contacts during the week, we met friends again from many different places, we went to workshops, conferences, we joined great concerts, and, finally, we presented ourselves at the Arsenal Square to our big audience in Recife. It was very beautiful.
    I learned a lot and I am honored to be part of it! No doubt, it was the largest audience and best show we have ever performed in Recife. Congrats to everyone involved in the event and thanks to everyone who attended and cheered us on Saturday."

    Julio Andrade - Guitarist of The Baggios - Aracaju/Brazil
  • "There are exchange of information, experience and knowledge about music creation and even market trends, business opportunities, and so on. The formation and expansion of contacts and networks. Meetings like Porto Musical really favor the formation process and stimulates the artistic experimentation, fusion and innovation."

    Monique Badaró - Bahia Music Export Coordinator - Salvador/Brazil
  • "I have never been so well received by a music fair like this time by Porto Musical. I have no words to describe how many opportunities I have taken along and how much I have learnt during these 4 days of being immersed in our music business. It took a bit of time but now it was our turn and I will never miss an edition of Porto Musical again. I met great people, I met old friends again, I shared and absorbed knowledge. The Fina Produções team excellently cared about every show, every lecture and every detail. I was there seeing the girls in the biggest crowd and under stress doing anything to start every show on schedule and to have at least a perfect sound. It may sound silly, but at some music events the most important thing —the quality of the sound— is often buried in oblivion or is given little attention, which is disrespectful… At Porto Musical this kind of stuff doesn't happen and that's why I give thanks to Perola Braz, Melina Hickson and the entire Fina Produções team. You did great and in addition to realise an impeccable event you even inspired us. I have no words or rather one only word: Thanks!"

    Evandro Fióti - producer at Laboratório Fantasma - São Paulo/Brazil